Penney Patel Law in 2017 reflects the calibre of our founder, Frederick Schramm who opened our office in the Dilworth Building in the 1930's.  FW Schramm was appointed Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Savage Government but not before creating  momentum for the Firm and a trajectory of legal excellence which continues, even after more than 80 years.  

We proudly bear the name of William John Penney, who after first joining the Firm as a young duty solicitor in the 1950's, continued to build upon the Firm's heritage and lead the Firm as Partner for many decades.   The growth of the Firm continued through mergers with other quality law firms including those of the late Lalbhai N. Patel, adding Thakor Parbhu (QSM. JP), Lange Elliott & Brown, adding Norman Elliott and later, Linda Kaye and Kent Quinn. 

Our evolution continues with the mergers in both 2015 with Edmonds Law in 2016 with GG Kanji.