We have two senior Family Law specialists.  Norman Elliott and Meryl Mikkelsen are hugely experienced and regularly appear in the Family Court.  

Clients often need help withparenting and care of children or division of relationship property.  Strategies are needed to ensure that the family’s financial commitments are kept under control in the meantime. Sometimes a member of the family may require protection from another.

When clients first come to see us they usually want to find out about the process for resolving their problem. Except in cases of risk from domestic violence, we always encourage our clients to explore the possibility of reaching an agreement through discussion and negotiation or mediation without the need to involve the Family Court. However agreement is not always possible and Court proceedings may be necessary. The Family Court puts strong emphasis upon counselling and mediation in parenting and care of children cases as parts of its processes. A hearing with a decision made by a Judge is a step of last resort.

We can help in all areas of family law including:

• Care of children

• Relationship property

• Spousal maintenance

• Protection of personal and property rights

• Claims against estates

• Adoptions

• Paternity

Both Norman and Meryl receive regular appointments from the Family Court.  Meryl is often appointed as lawyer for children.  Norman is appointed to represent those subject to proceedings under the Protection of Personal Property Rights Act.

We can apply for Legal Aid on behalf of clients when it is necessary.