Contract documents or verbal agreements set up the rules under which parties trade with one another. It is important that contracts cover all of the terms and are clear and easily understood by all parties. We can help by creating plainly worded contracts or advising you on what changes you should ask for in standard contracts tocover key areas of concern for you.

New Zealand commercial activity is characterised by small privately owned and operated limited liability companies. The benefits of the limited liability company are open to businesses no matter how small or how new the business is. We can help you with the incorporation and start up of a company. Some well thought out agreements between shareholders and directors can provide a blueprint for the smooth operation of a successful company. Our team can help you identify key areas and create an agreement that incorporates the key areas of concern for your company and its shareholders and directors.

For many businesses, one of the important obligations is their lease. We can help you to understand these and guide you through the negotiations for leases, rent reviews, renewals of leases and the process of assigning the lease to someone who might want to purchase your business.

For landlords, we have an efficient system to keep track of important dates such as rent reviews, renewals and final expiry dates in leases.

If you are considering purchasing or selling a business or commercial property we can guide you through the various issues that need to be included n any negotiations and agreements.  We have experience in the sale and purchase of a variety of businesses and commercial properties and will use this to work with you on your sale or purchase.